Iron + Pearl: defined.

Iron + Pearl: defined.

Updated 4/28/2020 by Cristi Bouldin


Southern Momma Candles is now Iron + Pearl!While the name Southern Momma Candles is dear to my heart, it doesn't allow for the kind of growth I have planned.  I want to create more than a candle company.  I want to create a company that can impact lives using many different avenues.  With the partnership of Freedom Reigns Ranch benefiting from our Ranch Collection, I decided it was time to blend this purpose into our brand.  

What does the "IRON" stand for?

The "iron" in Iron + Pearl stands for an iron horseshoe, pulling meaning from my love for horses and my reason behind selecting Freedom Reigns Ranch as our charitable partner, who you can learn more about here.

What does "PEARL" stand for?

How did I come up with "pearl"?  That's easy.  My entire reason for starting this business was to create something special after we had our daughter.  This business is as much hers as it is mine.  With her help, we decided to use her middle name "Pearl" to add her stamp on the business.

A Deeper Meaning

There is also a deeper meaning of the juxtaposition in the name.  Horseshoes made of iron are put under fire so they can be molded and formed into the shape needed to perform their job, but a pearl is the only natural element that is perfect and needs no molding or manipulation.  I love combining rustic elements with simple beauty in my decor.  These design themes align with our vintage inspired vessels for our candles, check them out here.  

I can't wait to serve you in the years to come! 

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