IRON+PEARL was founded to create a beautiful life.  It's founding principles are to serve it's customers well and give back to those in need through charitable organizations.  At IRON+PEARL we believe that candles can be fragrant while limiting the chemicals used and they should add to the beauty of your home decor.  

In decorating, as in life, there are different senses to appeal to.  You want it to look pretty (visual colors, form of furniture, and layout).  It needs to feel comfortable (textures, pillows, and throws).  It should sound peaceful (or fun, or whatever the mood requires for the room).  Most importantly, it should smell appealing (nobody wants to hang out in a beautiful room that stinks!).  All of these senses combine together to create a cozy atmosphere that is inviting to friends and family.  Our containers are chosen with a designers eye to not only add wonderful fragrance to your home, but also to compliment it's visual beauty.

We promise to offer unique fragrances, our founder creates our own proprietary blends in house! (you can hear our founder's story here).  Our goals are for your guests to wonder what smells so good when they come to your home and to add a layer of coziness to your home decor.

"Let us elevate your home with unmatched fragrance and beauty."

We love serving you!



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