Freedom Reigns Ranch - Charitable Partner

horses and kids
We believe that it's important to always be giving back and paying it forward.  Our mission is to grow this company so we can support charitable organizations we believe in.  We regularly donate to Freedom Reigns Ranch in Thompson's Station, Tennessee.  They have a mighty mission of healing horses and children, together.  We thank you for your support, your purchase helps us support them!
 From their website, "Freedom Reigns Ranch is a 501c3 nonprofit ministry in Thompson's Station, Tennessee offering free-of-charge mentorship through horsemanship to those who have been through emotional trauma and other life challenges. Intentional, in a one horse-one leader-one participant model, we exist to mentor participants, as well as equip and empower volunteers to pour into the lives of others using horses. Some of our horses have been rescued from abuse or neglect themselves and we see so often how participants connect to their stories, learn to build relationship and trust with their new equine friends, and often begin to heal together." 

Programs are free of charge operating entirely through volunteers: no experience with horses is necessary and the only requirement is that participants want to come! Activities for participants involve everything from simple farm chores, to art projects, riding, unmounted games with horses, and playing on the land.
Their slogan is "Hope Rides Here".
Head to their website to learn more or donate directly to them by clicking here or going to