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Holiday Design Nail Stickers | Fall Nail Stickers

Holiday Design Nail Stickers | Fall Nail Stickers

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Embrace your love for the season and holidays with these holiday inspired nail stickers!  Don't pay extra for nail art at the nail salon when you can get these super fun and unique designs on your own!
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  • What's Included:

    16 count 100% nail polish strips

    One prep pad

  • What you'll need:

    Emory Board

    Top Coat Nail Polish

    Cuticle Pusher

  • How to Apply Nail Wraps:

    1. Use prep pad on nails.

    2. Remove plastic, peel & stick appropriately sized nail wrap to finger (size down if needed to be sure not to overlap on any skin).

    3. Gently trim and file excess wrap away.

    4. Apply topcoat to the top and tip of your nail.

    See application video here.

  • How to Remove Nail Wraps:

    1. Gently lift the nail wrap slightly at the cuticle.

    2. Apply nail polish remover while pushing the wrap off toward the tip of your finger.

    ** Do not pull and peel wrap.

    ** No acetone required.

    See removal tutorial here.

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Expensive trips to the nail salon

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Waiting for polish to dry

Tedious nail stencils